Juvenile Corrections District Liaisons

District Liaisons provide information and services to county juvenile probation departments, legislators and county elected officials, school district officials, and the community. Communication and collaboration between the department, legislators, and local entities is essential to the success of juvenile justice programs.

The liaisons assist in developing alternative interventions, prevention and diversion programs to keep youth from being committed to state custody and to speed the transition back to the community after treatment. They facilitate the development of county and community juvenile corrections planning coalitions. District liaisons analyze and make recommendations to address a variety of complex cases and issues.

The goal of the district liaisons' involvement with these entities is to encourage partnership and cooperation as an integrated juvenile justice system addressing the needs for prevention and intervention with communities, families and individual juveniles.

For more information about the mission of the District Liaisons please contact Bill Lasley, Lead Liaison at 208-226-2698.

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